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Organic PLANT-BASED & SUSTAINABLE Handcrafted in small batch soaps with eco-friendly ingredients. These wonderful soaps are cruelty-free and biodegradable. Carbon-neutral & plastic-free packaging.

Handcrafted Pure organic soap, plain and simple.

This bar is the perfect soap for people who prefer a soap with a good lather. Especially helpful for those with sensitive skin. These bars have no detergent, have plenty of suds and are not castile based. 

Naturally organic, good for you sustainable products.

It is essential to keep your organic soap in a dry, draining location when not in use.

** Our products are handmade with natural ingredients. They are free of animal products, harmful chemicals, and preservatives, free of SLS, SLES, ALS, PEG, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrances, and Colors.

*** Since these soaps use natural colorants, colors may change/fade over time.

**** These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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